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As well as launching the Second Edition rules in Beta, we have also launched this new forum, which is also running as a Beta and is subject to changes :)
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  • To be honest, we use all sorts. I'm a big fan of anything by HMG, so P3, Foundry, Coat D'Armes... Daren has been experimenting with a mix of P3 and Army Painter with some Vallejo thrown in. In all honesty, try a few paint lines and see what works…
  • They are separate. Each action is its own unique, distinct thing, so move + move is repeating the same action twice, but move + dash is two different actions. Hope that helps.
  • Buildings have gone through a few different iterations. Its a hard line to tread, as the buildings are such a core part of many typical WW table setups, but with the scale of the game, its very hard to track individual movement through each buildin…
  • Just waiting for the Cor Caroli so I can run my all armoured space robot ghost dudes...
  • No. Limit is always the hard cap for the number of different actions you can make in a turn. The extra action points lets you mitigate a low flip on the drawn card for valuable or important models.
  • That typo is going to haunt me
  • One per player, same with the activation deck.
  • Another face down, might need to do another pass on the sword, got lazy with my blending at the end there, but getting stuff painted should be priority at the moment. I can always go back at a later date.
  • Correct. All weapons that have the same name, have the same rules. Sometimes that means a rule might be on a weapon that its user cannot take advantage of, such as Dual Wield when only wielding one weapon.
  • We are currently playing with posses from $500 to $2000 in $500 blocks. A final game size hasn't been 100% decided, but I reckon the $1000-2000 mark is where you will see tourney play go. This lets you build two or even three posses, and gives abou…
  • I've had assembled models on my desk for 20 years now... does that count? That's actually quite scary now I think about it...
  • Right, there has been a slight bug since the last edition of cards. The current points are for a max size unit, not a single figure. Its being fixed now, but in the meanwhile, divide the amount by the max unit size for the correct costs. This is w…
  • Something may have broken there. The last version I had, has them at 45 points a model. I've chased it up our end, hopefully will be a fix shortly. Cheers
  • @Rabble_Alliance said: Sure, that makes sense: having bosses that can manipulate the decks too. The name of the Hex faction makes me think black magics are afoot and potentially alter more than just the fortune counters in a game. You read …
  • Yup, pay close attention to the difference between the limit of actions and the way you spend action points to carry them out. Its not a straight 1:1
  • Mr Powell has been scrying again it seems. Seasonal decks etc are certainly possibilities, perhaps tied to organised play. No promises yet, but its come up in conversation and is being explored.
  • All D10's in this game, and you can play with only one dice in almost all cases (shots and actions are resolved singly). As noted, a D5 is a D10 halved, always rounding up. Everything in second edition is rounded up to the nearest whole number.
    in D5? Comment by Marshall_Webb May 2017