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Mercenaries in other faction Posses

There is quite an issue with Mercenaries. First the name, outlaws. Well, not everyone of them are outlaws in fact. Just mercenaries and that's the point with making a poss. Now, we just can't take face "basic" (not the right keywords for your faction) mercenaries without a boss, which seems quite strange.
Rule is : When including Outlaw Posses in another
Faction you may not have more Outlaw Posses
than you have Posses of the main Faction.

I think you can add : When including Outlaw Faces/Hands in another faction Poss you may not have more Outlaw Faces/Hands in your Faction Poss than you have Faces/Hands of the main faction.


  • If you haven't already, you might want to duplicate this on the 'specific feedback' form (link on page where the rules are).

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