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Second Edition has physical unit cards, will they be available seperately?

In the Wayland Games purchase of WWX FAQ, the question of whether to have physical unit cards noted some pros and cons (both player preference and complicated retail logistics), and that there were some ideas but no specifics, although there was also an indication that plans would be announced soon after.

Since then, Second Edition has become available, and products are shipping with new Second-Edition physical unit cards - certainly the starter sets, presumably all models. And, the Second Edition game is generally much more physical-card-oriented than before, with physical Action cards and physical Adventure cards being a critical part of the game.

Now, there may well have been a specific announcement or discussion on the forums, or a conversation at an event, which I missed; but I haven't found any answers to the question: are physical unit cards expected to become available separately from the models they're for (whether individually, by faction, or a complete pack like The Last Roundup)?

Has anyone else heard anything or could they point me to a page or message where an announcement (or report from an event) answers this question?


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