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Building a Force problems.


I've been reading through the WWX rules available on the website and I have some doubts related to building a force. I really like the conquistadores allegiance, but reading the rules, it states that I should take a posse alongside my boss. It also points out that Outlaws don't have a general posse but rely on theme posse for each boss. Ponce de León doesn't have a personal posse (yet?), so my doubt was if i could only field individual characters when playing with conquistadores.

There's three guys on horse, a cannon, and three or four guys on foot. Could I use them alongside a "general troop" from the rest of the Outlaw faction? For example:

Ponce de León as boss
Juan de Nuevopuerto
Esteban el Bruto
Rebel scouts?
Bandit gunmen?

If not, how is it supposed to reach 1500 points when playing conquistadores (all conquistador models are UNIQUE)

Many thanks!

(I would love to field ponce de leon alongside Texan confederates on conquistador helmets)


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