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Paint vendor for miniatures

Hi all,

I'm just wondering which paints you guys are using for this fantastic WWE miniatures?
Is there a particular brand you have good experiences with or are you sticking to the stuff you have around?

Because of the Wild West and Cyberpunk mix I try to decide which color pallet I should use.

Thanks in advance for your input

Cheers Chris


  • Due to the amount of existing paints I already had from playing 40K for years, I'm pretty much only using Citadel paints. They're good quality, in my opinion, but a little pricey.
    For terrain, I use whatever is cheapest from the $2 shop and closest to what I need.

  • To be honest, we use all sorts.

    I'm a big fan of anything by HMG, so P3, Foundry, Coat D'Armes...

    Daren has been experimenting with a mix of P3 and Army Painter with some Vallejo thrown in.

    In all honesty, try a few paint lines and see what works for you.

    Not helpful I know ;)

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