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Number of melee attacks per Strike Action.

It is unclear to me how many melee attacks a model with multiple melee weapons can use per Strike Action.

Let's use Ghost Wolf who has 4 weapons listed. 1 base to base and 3 at 2" range. If he spends an Action Point to make a Strike Action does he get to use each weapon once against the nearest model in range or does he have to choose a weapon and only get one attack per Strike Action?

The rules seem to mix the terms Shoot Action and Strike Action but that's by the by.

The relevent section seems to be-

"Then chose which weapon the model is taking the Strike action with. If they are eligible hit with more than one weapon as part of the Shoot Action (for example using Dual Wield swords) you must fully resolve each hit and weapon one at a time." (p21)

But nowhere does it say that they attack with each of their weapons in melee range so far as I can tell. Are weapons eligible by simple virtue of being in range?

It seem unthinkable to me that a 250 point model charges into melee and can only make 1 attack for his Action Point when many ranged weapons have multiple rates of fire per Action Point but that's how I'm reading it. Please tell me I'm wrong...


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