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First Cats Over the Fences - Watchers vs Enlightened

I am away from any organized environments so I used... the Malifaux Vassal Client to play a game with myself :P I used the cards and dice in real life and just used Vassal as a platform to generate terrain and sprites for the miniatures that can be moved around.

I ran only a Face + 5 Hired Hands per side, just to get a general feel of the game.

I enjoyed it, but I used the cards exclusively for additional actions.

I went with Watchers (Onyx Beta + 5 Greys with the re-roll hits weapon) vs Enlightened (John Younger + 5 Constructed Henchmen).

With their 24" range the Constructs were able to shoot at the Greys from turn 1, which I did not really like, so I made the Onyx Beta go first and lay down some Smokescreen. The Greys advanced into cover and the smokescreen, but I made the table a bit too open and one or two could be seen. The Constructs advanced and shot at the Greys, but missed almost all shots due to Shrouded or the Greys passing Grit checks.

Next turn the Watchers went first again and the Beta laid down a smokescreen and the Greys advanced into the Smoke, made some shots against the Constructs, but all the Grit tests were passed. The Constructs retaliated with focused shots and 3 Greys fell (the -2 Penetration really hurt the little guys). John Younger's 4 pistol shots either failed to hit or were saved against.

Next turn the Enlightened activated first and killed the remaining Greys. The Onyx threw a grenade at the Constructs and the all passed their Grit tests. The Particle Disruptor hit John Younger but he passed all the Grit tests. John responded with his pistols and killed the Beta.

I have the feeling that the Constructs with their Rifles are a little to good - they get crits on a 9 (forcing more Grit checks), they have a 24" range (which covers most of the board), and they have a -2 Penetration, which against the Greys was too strong, overriding their Xenoshield.

I would like to see the range on the weapon reduced to 18" and the Penetration be lowered to -1, as with the self-destruction template these guys are way too versatile at their cost.

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