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£1525 List

As requested to be posted from the questions thread.

General Grant
5 Riflemen w/Gatling Gun
5 Skirmishers
Iron Eagle

Legendary Abraham Lincoln
3 UR-31 Tesla Bots
Lucinda Loveless
Willa Shaw
2 K9 Gun Dogs
Edyth Lavaughn
Camilla Blanche

Bear in mind that this is literally the first list I have ever made so completely unsure of it's actual viability. It was made as a test to see how many models a list would be around.


  • Very interesting. Im liking the abe block. Dont have any ur-31s myself.
    are you going to play the list?

  • I'm not sure if I am honest. This was more of a test of the list building to see how much stuff I'd need to get (I've watched this game for a very long time but never dived in. Being at Salute this year gave me much more exposure). Outlaws didn't have the unit cards available and Union are one of the other armies on my list of likes.

    I based the list off the starter army and then a Secret Service theme block with Legendary Abe and models that seem like they'd have some synergy.

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