As well as launching the Second Edition rules in Beta, we have also launched this new forum, which is also running as a Beta and is subject to changes :)
Second Edition BETA is here! -

2nd Ed so far

Enjoying the new changes so far. Really like the new PC names for the Mexicans and Warrior Nation hired hands, much better.
What I'm not keen on, is the new rules for buildings, they'd be fine for army scale battles, but personally, I think they're a little to generic for a skirmish game.
It's no biggie really, but I don't think we'll use them.


  • Buildings have gone through a few different iterations.

    Its a hard line to tread, as the buildings are such a core part of many typical WW table setups, but with the scale of the game, its very hard to track individual movement through each building, especially if the roofs don't come off etc.

    As such the current rules are designed to reduce complexity and not interfere with quick play.

    Of course, nothing is stopping people modding the rules to be more defined if thats what they want to be doing. I'm building more wilderness terrain, e.g. a Warrior Nation encampment in the forest, so buildings won't be such a high priority for my games.

  • We played last night and there was a lot of jumping in a building, shooting and then shooting and jumping out of sight next activation. I understand it for solid buildings and bigger games but for smaller games where we have a lot of foreground buildings i think we'll prefer to play in an around them as they stand.

  • Also love the pace of the new version, so much slicker and can now get a game done in an evening! Really enjoying the Action deck as its adding a little fog of war element without being to intrusive.
    That and no more tracking Hands wounds!!!

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