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Sell me on your favorite faction!

Now that the 2nd edition of the game has been out for a while and with the holiday season fast approaching. I've had an interesting discussion idea for everyone here:

Sell me on your favorite faction.

Why did you choose your current main faction? Was it the models? The background? The playstyle? Why should a new player spend more than a passing glance on your faction's section on the WWX website?

I'll go ahead and start with my personal favorite: the Lawmen.

They may not be the fastest or pack the most punch, but you're REALLY going to have to work to get them off the table. The Tinman special rule gives models +1 Grit when in base-to-base contact with other models with the same rule, so you can easily fortify an objective and force your opponent to divert more firepower than they originally planned on to dislodge them. This also means that the rest of your force can be used to deliver plenty of pain with a generous amount of Refined weapons (these crit on a natural 9 or 10).

So let's get to it! Sell me on your faction!


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