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2nd Ed Beta Pros & Cons

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The adventure card aspect. Like 40k mission card, where you can pull out victory conditions unknown to your opponent.
Re-alignment of models. Fleshing out groups that should work together.
Standard table size of 3 X 3. Makes for a quick dust up.
Warcradle makes fast adjustments.

(Hand Group actions removed)
Alternating Single model activation. I much preferred the 1 to 3 option.
Limit to a two player game. Multiple players on the same table are a hoot.


  • In terms of the 1 to 3 option, you can still chain activate to get the same effect, sort of.

  • I haven't played yet, but 40k mission cards are one of the things that drove me out of that game and towards simpler skirmish games.

    So the Guts side of the adventure cards I am ok with from reading but i really dislike the constant changing of goal posts in terms of victory points. Some hidden objectives at the start of a game that are fixed that your opponent doesn't know sure. But not potentially completely random new ones each turn.

    Random action points I am unsure of but will try out and see. But i agree one of the great things from 1e was the option to activate 1-3 models, it made you think long term over a turn about your activation's

  • I agree that a clear objective for both sides is ideal, the secret side goals make for some sneaking and narrative games.

  • Agreed, I just don't like those secret side goals changing over the course of a battle and potentially deciding a victor based on lucky card draw and situation match ups.

  • @Klem_K said:
    Limit to a two player game. Multiple players on the same table are a hoot.

    You don't have to play multiplayer scenario so why they should remove it? We better focus on rules that concerns everyone ;)

    For me more than two players is realy a lot of fun and this option is quite unique nowadays.

  • I will miss FIRE, nothing like taking out a sniper hiding on the roof of a building by shooting Wyatt's shotgun at them "HaHa, the Shitgun missed" "Haha Your Building is on fire" ;p

  • Played my first game last night. I dont think the adventure cards are going to be all that powerfull/game deciding. main objectives are worth a lot more, and often i think the guts option will be a lot more valuable than the +1vp from glory.

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